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In April 2009 a group of Charlotte artists and I developed an art show in North Davidson about community perspectives on neighborhood change.

Leading up to the art show entitled “Gentrify Me: Artists’ Perspectives on Community Change” we surveyed interested members of the Charlotte and North Davidson community including artists, community members, investors, planners and designers for their suggestions on how planning efforts can better integrate the needs and concerns of an extended community, specifically in regards to affordability and maintaining neighborhood diversity.

The images here are from the art show “Gentrify Me: Artist’s Perspectives on Community Change” which was held at Dialect Gallery, located at 3204-C North Davidson St.

The catalogue for “Gentrify Me” may be found and purchased at online at Lulu Publishing.

Participating artists, Meika Fields, Jasiatic Anderson, Chadwick Cartwright, de'Angelo Dia, Laura Grosch, Tomika Elise, Moye, and Antoine Williams.